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"I always see public speaking courses advertised, I never see listening courses advertised..." Rubem Alves

Listening Course

Sign up for the Listening Course | 22nd edition (Online)

1st module:

The 17th (a Friday, from 7pm to 9pm) and 18th (a Saturday, from 9am to 5:30 pm), in the month of September 2021 - Yellow September Special.

With Bruna Perillo and Camila Marques.


Day 14: Presentation and initial connection;

Day 15: 1st module of the Listening (Generous Look, Silence, Empathic Listening and Authentic Expression) .

IN DECEMBER: Scouting Course (presential immersion), in Brumadinho/MG.

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Do you truly listen?


The main attitude that favors empathy and strengthens human connection is listening. Not just listening with our ears, but with our whole being. Do we know how to listen to ourselves and others?

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