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July 28th

in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte's 1st empathy festival!

The city of Belo Horizonte receives through the Empathy School the 1st Empathy Festival , on the day  July 28th  from 2019, from 8 am to 10 pm  hours.  We will bring together researchers, educators and change agents to discuss PRIVILEGES AND DIVERSITY.

What happens at the Empathy Festival:
Lectures, workshops, circle
  of debates, artistic and cultural interventions that address themes linked to empathy and Non-Violent Communication. The central objective is to make participants aware of privileges and how we are all affected. Empathy will thus be approached in the intrapersonal, interpersonal and systemic scopes.

Join us for a unique experience!

our host

house odara

who will host  the 1st Empathy Festival is the Odara house.


The house is already a partner of the Escola de Empatia and receives our Non-Violent Communication Workshops every fortnight.  

Address: Rua Arthur de Sá, 380, União district. Belo Horizonte/MG.


The Empathy Festival will feature experiences, lectures, workshops, debates it proposes  the exercise of empathy in the intrapersonal, interpersonal and systemic spheres.


Central Hall:

- Mindfulness and Compassion, with Olga Durães;

- Non-Violent Communication, with Diogo Alvim.

- Race of privileges;

- Panel: Privileges and Diversity, mediated by Lucas Alves from O Espaço - Participation by Miriam Alves, Silvia Silva and José Barbosa Junior;

- Poetic facilitation, with Nuno Arcanjo.

Living rooms:

- Experiencing the potential of listening, with Professor David Romeros;

- Listening and spirituality, with Sandra Sousa;

- Dance and connection, with Débora Mata.

- Ciranda do Ser Workshop, with Cristina Lobato;

- The Future is Human, with Pedro Gama and Cibele Pedrosa from Espaço Poiesis.

- SDG: The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with Henrique Ribeiro;

- How to build respectful relationships and an authentic connection with our children, with Paula Noce.


- Screenwriter and director's short film screening  Pedro Paulo de Andrade from São Paulo;

- Installation Our Museum of Empathy;

- Listening Exhibition;


Marina Flower

Capitu Project

And more...

- Sessions of Access Bars, with Cris Lima;

- Panel "Before You Die";

- Empathy Fair (with games and other products).

ciranda do ser - confirmed exhibitor

Cristina Lobato with the Project  Ciranda of BEING  has confirmed presence at the 1st Festival of Empathy in Belo Horizonte.

The author Cristina Lobato, through a musical inspiration from ciranda, brought elements of Non-Violent Communication to the book. Rodrigo CB sensibly created the characters with his illustrations and Valkiria Mayo made the translation into English beautifully.

festival sustainability


1st promotional lot: R$30.00 (only in the month of June).

2nd lot: R$60.00 (until July 15th).

3rd lot: R$70.00 (until July 28th).

*Half-price option for students, people under the age of 18 and over 60.

Click here to buy.

Sponsor a student:

Students from public schools may be invited with their support. The ticket price is fixed at the half price of the first lot (R$30.00). You will be able to meet the sponsored student on the day of the festival! will be distributed  10 vacancies.

Send an email with the title "I want to sponsor".

Registration for exhibitors:

Your company or project can display games, books, educational tools or  products in our Empathy Fair.  The value is R$50.00 per exhibitor. Please email us for more information and registration.

our museum of empathy

The Museum of Empathy is a space for experiences dedicated to developing our ability to look at the world through the eyes of other people.

At the Empathy Festival we will have the Our Empathy Museum.

Do you have an emotional breakthrough story? Send us to

The story must be written in Word,  in up to two pages, Arial font and  size 12. Write in first person and send with your personal data and the people mentioned and identified in your story.

If your story is chosen for the Festival's collection, you will need to sign an authorization form.


who support

The Empathy Festival needs your support! People or companies can donate to fund the festival.

Do you want to support us? Your brand will be included in the panel of companies you support.

Thank you! Message sent.

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